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Itty Bitty Pitty, July 1, 2014

A Children's Book about Being Different

The Itty Bitty Pitty artWill Angelos's Itty Bitty Pitty in the Great Big City

July 1, 2014

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Kris Diaz and the ladies of PBLNR welcome writer Will Angelos, who is producing a children's book about a pit bull. He successfully ran a kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of The Itty Bitty Pitty in the Great Big City. Will discusses his inspiration with the book, his parent-friendly approach to writing the book, and the difficulties of finding an illustrator (one even told him pit bulls couldn't be drawn to be cute). Learn more: The Itty Bitty Pitty KickstarterThe Itty Bitty Pitty on Facebook

Host Fred Kray was traveling, having appeared before a federal court in Louisiana to argue for a preliminary injunction in the New Llano BDL litigation. The PI was granted and Mazzy will be going home!

Little Darling fills us in on the Taking Action for Animals conference, Kris Diaz runs through BDL news, and Yvette Van Veen talks chickens. Specifically her dream of attending "Chicken Camp." Chicken Camp is the brainchild of Bob Bailey, who has trained not only dogs (and chickens), but dolphins in the open sea and cats for miitary work. Bailey uses chickens as a model for learning better training technique. Yvette offers a concrete suggestion regarding very clear training techniques—being mindful of how and when you give a dog a food reward. Do you toss a treat to a dog in a down? You could be creating a canine jack-in-the-box. Do you treat with your right hand while the dog is walking on your left? You could be creating a crooked heel and a tripping hazard.

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