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Ruff Riders, Oct. 14, 2014

Kim Wolf on Helping Pet Owners in a "Resource Desert"

Ruff Riders keeps pets in homes & dispels animal welfare misconceptions

October 14, 2014

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Kim WolfAttorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR crew welcome back Kim Wolf, who discusses her Ruff Riders program. Ruff Riders takes a multifaceted approach to supporting pet owners in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn—despite its reputation as a rapidly gentrifying hipster magnet—has high rates of poverty, public housing, and renters and encompasses "resource deserts" when it comes to veterinarians and other support pet owners need. Kim talks about how she was inspired to begin the program, the most common challenges faces pet owners in underserved communities, and the importance of relationships in her community.

Kim also dispels some misconceptions about poor urban pet owners, who are all too often dismissed as irresponsible and unworthy of pet ownership. Ruff Riders' clients love their pets and go to great lengths to care for them. She  addresses spay-neuter clinics (their incredible popularity and suspicions about pit-bull specific clinics) and the problem of both animal welfare advocates and young men of color internalizing the message that men of color with pit bulls are something to fear.

To date Ruff Riders has helped 91 pets and their people with food, supplies, and accessing veterinary and training resources. Learn more: Ruff Riders at BeyondBreed blog | BeyondBreed on Facebook | Ruff Riders Amazon Wishlist

Plus, BDL updates, pit bull news, and Yvette Van Veen offers suggestions for making trips to vet less traumatic for your pup. Tip number one: get your dog used to things he or she will experience at the vet, like having the collar grabbed and teeth checked.

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