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Meet the guests who have appeared on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio.

Anthony Barnett

barnettanthonyAnthony Barnett is the founder of Game Dog Guardian, a nonprofit human-canine bond education and outreach organization since 2009. "The foundation of the 'pit bull problem' is built around the same fundamental components as the problems that face people in our communities....The cause is more important than the symptom....A better life for dogs starts with a better life for people..." Anthony has two registered therapy dogs and makes weekly visits to the PTSD building at the VA Hospital. He also teaches school children dog safety. He is founder and Executive Director of the Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center, the goal of which is to treat mood and anxiety disorders in people, particularly veterans through the application of the human-canine bond. 

Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller Media Coordinator for Best Friends Animal SocietyMelissa Miller is the media coordinator for Best Friends Animal Society, and manages their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus platforms. Prior to Best Friends, Melissa spent five years working at Edelman, the world's largest public relations firm, working with a multitude of clients on both traditional and digital public relations. Melissa got her start in animal welfare as the volunteer public relations manager for Austin Pets Alive. She managed the nonprofit's media outreach and online presence, helping it grow into the local powerhouse it has become today.

Anne Benaroya, Esq.

Anne Benaroya, Esq.Anne Benaroya, Executive Director for the Maryland Animal Law Center, represents the interests of animals which includes rescue organizations. She has practiced for 24 years, specializing in animal law for the last 15. Previously, Anne worked for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, the American Civil Liberties Union and served as Judicial Clerk to Judge John J. Garrity (Ret.) on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Anne holds a JD from George Washington University Law School and was published in that school's Law Review. She received a B.A. in Philosophy from the Univeristy of Maryland, cum laude.

Maggie Marton

Maggie Marton and Oh My DogMaggie Marton is the founder and author of the blog Oh My Dog. It was the winner of the 2012 Best Dog Blog and with good reason. The blog delivers funny, positive and helpful doses of dog nearly every day. The blog covers a range of topics including stories about Maggie's dogs, reviews, DIY pet projects and training tips. She also features Positive Pit bull stories from her fans. "My dogs are the funniest, sweetest creatures I've even known. They teach and inspire me every single day. Hopefully through this site, I can share what I've learned and gather even more inspiration from the vibrant online community of dog lovers!" Ms. Marton is also the author of Postively Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well-Behaved Pup.

Troy Kechely

kechelyTroy Ketchely is the author of the book "Management of Aggressive Canines For Law Enforcement. He worked in Montana with regional animal shelters and created a non profit group to rescue and rehabilitate Rottweilers. During that time he developed classes to teach law enforcement, animal control officers and animal shelter staff on how to safely deal with aggressive dogs. Copies of his book are available here.

Amy Cranmer

Amy Cranmer and GunnyAmy Cranmer found Gunny on the side of the road on a hot May afternoon, emaciated, scarred and using only three legs. Since that time Amy has taught lessons to full auditoriums about tolerance and the horrors of dogfighting. She has gone on to write a children's book entitled "Gunny and the Magical Pack." The book explains to children that dogs have feelings and are sentient beings. A wonderful dog and a great story.

Yvette Van Veen

Yvette Van Veen and Awesome DogsYvette Van Veen is a Canadian Dog trainer who runs Awesome Dogs and has a dog training column in the Toronto Star. She has appeared in magazines, radio and television. Her training approach makes science accessible. She offers positive and humane advice without compromising structure. After college she went to work in investment banking, but her passion for animals rekindled and she began her journey which has led her to become an experienced dog trainer. 

Lisa Edwards

Lisa Edwards and A Dog Named BooLisa Edwards is the author of a book entitled A Dog Named Boo. As a result of her journey with Boo, she has become a full time professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. She has been a registered Pet Partner with three of her dogs. In 2008 Boo was honored as one of the five finalists for the Delta Society's national Beyond Limits Award for his therapy work with Lisa. Visit Lisa and her family at

Craig Dunn

Craig Dunn and Paw JusticeCraig Dunn is a New Zealand stunt performer who has worked on such films as Spartacus: War of the Damned (TV Series), Mt. Zion, Aliens in the Attic, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, The Water Horse and many others. He is also co-founder of Paw Justice, a New Zealand group whose mission it is to end animal abuse. The group has captured the hearts of many New Zealanders, and its Facebook page has over 270,000 fans. They recently produced a video against dog fighting entitled Enough is Enough, starring Tiki Taane, one of New Zealand's most famous artists.

Adrianne Lefkowitz

Anne Lefkowitz Executive Director of the Maryland Dog FederationAdrianne Lefkowitz is Executive Director of the Maryland Dog Federation, which favors balanced, enforceable and fair breed neutral dangerous dog laws based on a dog's behavior, not breed, type, or size. The Maryland Dog Federation is currently a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against Prince George County's breed ban.

Rebecca Corry

Rebecca Corry and AngelRebecca is a 20 year veteran of the entertainment industry as a writer/actress and comedian. She has performed stand up comedy from NBC to Comedy Central to clubs and theaters around the country. She has guest starred on several TV shows, appeared in movies, written and produced but currently Rebecca is preparing for the biggest role of her life as organizer and face of the first ever One Million PIBBLE March On Washington, DC in an effort to end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and dog fighting and by doing so, create safe and humane communities for humans and animals. Rebecca is also founder and president of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. and creator/producer of her live event Stand Up For Pits. Stand Up For Pits has raised thousands for non-profit rescues around the country and provided education through laughter and positivity. To learn more about Stand Up For Pits, the talented performers of past and present and about the inspiration for all of it, Angel go to Rebecca created the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc., because she is dedicated to ending discrimination and violence against Pit Bull Terriers and hopes to see it end in her lifetime. She is determined to continue advocating long after the "March" is over and wants her foundation and the legacy of her beautiful Angel to continue forever.