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Meet the guests who have appeared on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio.

Emily Douglas

Emily Douglas and PeachesEmily Douglas left her doctoral program at the University of Michigan and went to spend a week at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Angel Canyon, UT. Since that time she has spent time navigating the worlds of dog rescue, animal assisted therapy and humane education. She eventually fostered and adopted a puppy named Peaches, who, through hard work and determination, became a registered therapy dog. Emily and Peaches are a team and volunteer at schools, hospitals and other organizations throughout Southeast Michigan. Emily is also a writer, authoring the blog "The Unexamined Dog" which covers a wide range of subjects, is well written, and a lot of fun.

Carol Whitt

Carol Whitt and Everest the CGC Reading CompanionCarol Whitt is an advocate who leads by example through Everest The Pit Bull. She trained him for his CGC and involved him as a reading companion at a local school and library. Everest is able to teach dog safety and compassion for animals while participating in the reading programs. Carol is currently lobbying county commissioners to enforce and change animal ordinances for humane treatment of all companion animals.

Paul Tullis

Paul Tullis JournalistPaul Tullis is the author of the Time Magazine article "The Softer Side Of Pit Bulls" which appeared in the July 22, 2013 issue. Mr. Tullis has been writing and editing features for award-winning magazines for more than a dozen years. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Businessweek, Columbia Journalism Review, Fast Company, Salon, Scientific American Mind, Sierra, Bon Appetit, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Mademoiselle, McSweeney's and, Men's Journal, Might, Pacific Standard, New York, New York Daily News, The New Yorker, Marketpalce, NPR's "Morning Edition," Psychology Today, Radar, Vibe, and Wired, among others; most of it can be viewed at He lives in Los Angeles with his wife who is a policy analyst and early childhood educator, and their two daughters, aged 8 and 4. Follow him at

Richard Hunter

Richard Hunter MMA radio and owner of Victory Dog "Mel"Richard Hunter is an MMA broadcaster, stand-up comedian and owner of Vicktory dog "Mel." He testified against breed discriminatory legislation in Nevada, attended the Vicktory Dog Reunion at Best Friends, and has been a tireless advocate for fighting dogs. He confronted Michael Vick during a public appearance on February 5, 2011, which has been memorialized in this YouTube video

John Garcia

John Garcia Best Friends Animal SanctuaryJohn Garcia, shown here holding Vicktory dog "Georgia," is currently the emergency response manager for Best Friends Animal Society. He heads up Best Friends' response in cases of natural disasters. He is often called upon to consult with animal shelters and rescue groups across the country on how to train and enrich the lives of dogs in their care; in this capacity he draws upon his experience as a certified dog trainer. John grew up near Best Friends and started working at the sanctuary in 1999. John had the opportunity to evaluate the Vicktory dogs while they were in shelters on the East Coast and helped get them settled at Best Friends. He worked individually with some of the dogs, and his relationship with Georgia was chronicled on the National Geographis series "Dog Town."

Lori Fusaro

Lori Fusaro Pet PhotographerLori Fusaro has worked as a photographer since 1996. Her boutique studio, Fusaro Photography, is based in Los Angeles, CA, where she is well known for her lifestyle portraiture of pets. She was honored as the top portrait photographer in the L.A. area for four consecutive years and is a board member of the nonprofit organization HeART's Speak. Her work has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show Pets and in the book "So You Want To Be A Pet Photographer." Many of her photographs have received critical acclaim and have graced the page and covers of calendars, publications and been showcased in art shows.

Michelle Besmehn

Michelle Besmehn and CherryMichelle Besmehn, shown here with Vicktory dog "Cherry", is the manager of dog care at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. She oversees the health and welfare of the dogs, ensures their safety through proper grouping and decides what new dogs will be accepted into Dogtown. She works closely with Best Friends trainers, performing behavioral assessments on dogs to determine the training needs for each dog, the right group for the dog, and the right forever home when the dog is ready for adoption. Michelle has worked at Best Friends since 1997. She loves dogs and enjoys meeting and working with a variety of people from different backgrounds. She also enjoys watching the connection between different people and the different dogs they spend time with. Watching that connection turn into adoption is the best part of her day. Michelle grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Traci Madson

madsonTraci Madson, shown here with Tacoma on the left and Halle on the right, is happy to have adopted both dogs from Best Friends. Tacoma has been a great help in helping acclimate Halle to her forever home. She was scolded by several people for adopting a "fighting" dog, but she remained undeterred. Halle has bloomed and Traci has learned the benefits of positive reward training. 

Nicole Rivera

Nicole RiveraNicole Rivera is the author of the children's book Max The Shelter Dog and founder of Max P. Productions, a new and growing independent children's book publisher focused on empowering children through story. The impetus for Nicole's writing career was a pit bull name Max who she met while duting her first day of volunteering at her local animal shelter. Since their meeting, she has made it one of her missions to teach animal compassion worldwide, inspiring both children and adults to adopt from shelters and have a healthy respect for animals.

Rachel Johnson

johnsonrRachel Johnson, shown here with Oscar, did not set out to adopt a "Vick" dog. She works as a project manager in NV, and Oscar is her first dog. With the help of the "Vick family" she is happy to have given Oscar the chance to live a normal dog life in his forever home.

Susan Weidel

littleredsusanSusan Weidel is a lawyer who lives with her six rescue dogs in the Rocky Mountain West. She followed the progress of Little Red for nearly four years while Little was at Best Friends. After a lenghty application process, Susan was able to adopt Little Red in 2011. The once abused and painfully shy pit bull has blossomed since living with Susan and her other dogs. Little Red has made several "celebrity dog" guest appearances at fund raising events for animal rescue organizations. Little Red's new best friends are a 3 pound, 3 legged Pomeranian and a 65 pound Staffordshire terrier mix.