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Meet the guests who have appeared on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio.

Mary Gregory

gregoryMary Gregory is the author of the children's book Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue. She grew up in Oklahoma and currently lives in Los Angeles. Since completing film school, she has been balancing writing projects in between contract work at 20th Century Fox Studio Film and Television. Mary did her undergraduate work at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and received her MFA from the Columbia University Film Division as a writing concentrate. She  wrote and and directed two short films while there - "Mr. Dangle" and "Reginald and M."

Foster Corder

corderFoster Corder is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, producer, and entertainment executive. After serving in Vietnam, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He became the first Afro-American pet photographer, and went on to do commericials with a team that included Gordon Parks and Forest Whitaker. His latest project is a film entitled "Conversations With A Pit Bull, which tells the backstory of pit bulls who have ended up in the shelter. His hope is to raise enough money to produce the film which will educate the public in animal welfare and overbreeding, as well underscore the fact that "dog" problems are really people problems.

Jackie Spiker

spikerJackie Spiker is co-founder of Hope Animal Rescues, which arose out of her experiences with rescue in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The organization rescues animals on their last day of life at animal control so they may find a true second chance within their adoption program. Hope Animal Rescues has play groups with shelter animals in their doggie daycare facility, and also have a Canine Buddy program in which those who cannot own a dog can take a shelter dog our for a few hours, overnight or even for the weekend.

Paul & Melissa - Victory Dog Cherry

paulmelissaPaul and Melissa were fortunate to adopt Cherry, one of the Vick dogs, from Best Friends. Cherry was one of the most psychologically damaged dogs from the group, and Paul and Melissa went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that Cherry recovered. Cherry is now able to attend events and lead a fairly normal life, although some vestige of his ordeal will remain with him the rest of his life.

Wendy Kaplan

kaplanWendy Kaplan is CFRE, Regional Gift Advisor - Southeast at Best Friends Animal Society. She was chosen to sit on the Broward County Commission committee to address the aggressive dog problem in Broward County. This committee was formed after breed disriminatory legislation was proposed and withdrawn. Ms. Kaplan's experience on the committee shows what can be accomplished when members of the community get together and truly discuss the issues and problems involving all aggressive dogs.

David Mangold

mangold2David Mangold got involved with the Milwaukee Court Case Dogs in June of 2011, one day after the six of them had been seized by the Milwaukee Police. Having previously worked with the Chicago Safe Humane Court Case Progran, David was aware of what could be done with dogs held as evidence. He has done all he could to just get access to the Milwaukee dogs, without success. He hopes that media attention and continued pressure on the City will ultimately allow the dogs to be rehabilitated. 

Josh Liddy

liddyJosh Liddy is the founder of, named in memory of his dog Sway. He is a "one person" pit bull advocate and attempts, through various creative outlets, to create positive outcomes and fight the misconceptions and fear spread against Pit bull type dogs. He actively goes to shelters and takes photos of the dogs to help with their adoption. Through this process, he has acquired an inside look at shelters and advocates for changes in the shelter system.

Deirdre Franklin

franklinDeirdre Franklin is a graduate of Drexel University and has completed her Master of Science Degree in Public Policy. Her sixty three page thesis was entitled Public Policy: Community Safety Through Breed Bans? She is most well known, however, for founding Pinups for Pitbulls, which creates a yearly calendar filled with the nostalgia of the Pinup and the beauty of pit bulls. This allows her educational mission to reach people that are outside of the "pit bull community." She was voted by the people as the 1st Place Winner of "Voice to Stop Illegal Dogfighting" for American Dog Magazine's 2011 Humanitarian Awards. She recently lobbied her Congressman in Washington, D.C. to sponsor the Dog Fighting Amendment in Farm Bill (S. 1947/H.R. 2492 Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act). She worked as an emergency responder at the World Trade Center after 9/11 and traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina personally looking for dogs, cats, and any other living creature left behind.

Adam Karp, Esq.

Adam Karp, Esq.Adam Karp, Esq exclusively practices animal law thoughout the states of Washington and Idaho. He graduated from Gonzaga University with B.A. Honors, and the University of Washington with a J.D. and M.S. in statistics. This is his fifteenth year actively practicing animal law. He has evaluated over 3000 animal law cases to date. He has written numerous legal articles, and been on a plethora of animal law related committees. His resume is too extensive for this small space, but can be read in its entirey here.  His crowning achievement is undoubtedly his award from the ABA in 2012 for "Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law."

Mark Stoutzenberger

Mark Stoutzenberger Handsome Dan RescueMark Stoutzenberger is Co-Founder of Handsome Dan's Rescue, which is limited to Pit Bull type dogs. On a lark he made application for one of Michael Vick's fighting dogs, and to his surprise his application was accepted. Since then he has started Handsome Dan Rescue, which only accepts dogs that have been declared too aggressive for adoption. As of the date of this post, Handsome Dan had rescued 80 dogs.

Marthina McClay

mcclayMarthina McClay is President and Founder of Our Pack, Inc., which is both an advocacy group and pit bull rescue. Recently Our Pack has begun rescuing chihuahuas, since they currently outnumber pit bulls in California shelters. Marthina is an AKC Certified Good Citizen Evaluator, Certified Tester/Observer for Therapy Dogs, and Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer. Initially involved with horse training, she became involved with the family dobermans and became interested in pit bulls in 2003. Her work has included large scale animal abuse cases that have occurred around the country, including the Michael Vick case. The dog pictured at left is Leo, one of Michael Vick's seized dogs. Marthina's specialty is dogs that are reactive to other dogs or have leash reactivity.