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Jennifer R. Edwards, Esq., Rimadyl Settlement March 26, 2013

Jennifer Edwards, Esq. discusses the settlement with Pfizer over the side effects of Rimadyl. The drug has some liver and kidney toxicity. This information was never provided to end users, by either product insert or by a veterinarian. In addition, if a dog had Rimadyl toxicity issues, Pfzer had no protocol in place for treatment. Dog owners usually do not get product inserts for drugs purchased from veterinarians, resulting in a lack of knowledge about drug interactions and side effects. The owner of the dog involved donated the proceeds of the settlement to publicize the dangers of Rimadyl. While Rimadyl has been beneficial to many dogs, it has been harmful and even deadly to others. If your dog is on Rimadyl, learn the warning signs posted on the Animal Law Center Facebook page. The interview also covers canine vaccinations and monitoring dogs under anesthesia.

March 26, 2013





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