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Matt Miner & His "Liberator" Comic Book Series April 9, 2013

Matt Miner is a comic book writer who is publishing a series entitled "Liberator." The first issue will be published in June 2013 and may be pre-ordered here. Matt's idea was to have heroes without super powers who could fight for animal welfare. The first issue will involve rescuing dogs from dog fighting. Several issues were discussed in the interview, including the "Animal Terrorism Act" and the line between legitimate protest and criminal acts. The controversial Ag-Gag acts were explored, in which many agricultural states have passed laws making taping of animal cruelty on another's property a crime. The proceeds of Matt's share of the comic book sales will go back to his rescue organization. He also operates a blog called BSLnews.org, devoted to positive portrayal of pit bulls and the fight against Breed Discriminatory Legislation.

April 9, 2013


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